Domestic Land Transportation Module

LOJISOFT Domestic Land Transportation Module offers a comprehensive solution with which you can seamlessly manage your transportation for all sectors such as project transportation, heavy transportation, milk-run, cold chain, white goods, automotive and spare parts, container transportation, food transportation.

LOJISOFT ensures fast and accurate management of all your operational business processes such as planning your load orders, creating order details, position assignment, tracking complete or partial load movements. From the agreement management menu, you can define all your agreements with your customers as specified in your contracts and make accurate pricing in your operational processes in the fastest way. You can obtain profitability reports by making cargo entries in the system, assigning license plates to the relevant cargo, and entering income and expense information regarding the voyage. Thanks to LOJİSOFT's high reporting capability, Vehicle Profitability, Daily Loading, Driver Account Balance, Customer Invoice Total, etc. You can make many reports.

Module Features

Thanks to LOJISOFT parametric and user-friendly interfaces, each module in software development can work alone or with multi-module support by providing data flow within itself depending on the business model.

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