Air Cargo Module

Air Cargo Module
LOJISOFT’s, Air Cargo Module is the module where all import and export transactions of airline agencies are tracked, AWB transport certificate stocks are tracked and created, and profit-loss accounts are managed. The system enables you to take orders from your customers and share the received order with the airline company, enabling operation management on a fast and reliable platform. All reports can be received in excel or other formats in the module, and you can also automatically send your many important reports to your customers via e-mail according to the parameters you specify.
  • Reservation Tracking
  • Order Operations
  • Loading Operations (FCL, LCL)
  • Import, Export Transactions
  • Create Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Lading Stock Tracking
  • Price Management
  • Container Tracking
  • Document Management (Arrival notification, Departure Notification, Automatic creation of Bill of Lading documents by the system and sending e-mail to customer companies)
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Billing
  • Reports

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