Finance Module

Finance Module
LOJISOFT’s Finance Module ,is a module where current account movements in your enterprise are monitored, cash entry, exit and transfer transaction records are made, the documents given or received in the recorded cash transactions can be archived in digital environment and invoicing transactions are made. Payment and collection information of all current accounts can be displayed in the system, payment or collection records can be entered and collective collection or payment entry transactions of the relevant current account can be made.

The data entered on the system allows you to receive many detailed reports such as Customer Debt-Receivable, Cash Statement, Debt-Receivable tracking, Bank Balance, Profitability, Customer-Supplier Invoice Total, etc.
  • Current Account Movements
  • Income-Expense Tracking
  • Stock Tracking
  • Payment - Collection Operations
  • Bank Integration
  • E-Invoice Integration
  • Enclosure Movements
  • Billing Operations
  • Reporting

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