Maintenance and Repair Module

Maintenance and Repair Module
LOJISOFT’s Maintenance and Repair Module ,is a comprehensive module that you can follow by planning all maintenance and repair operations of your company's vehicle and trailer fleet. You can monitor periodic maintenance of vehicles and unplanned failures, costs and movements, and ensure that they are reflected in travel and transportation costs. You can make your tire management easier by recording tire information and layout plans on the tow truck and trailers into the system. Through the system, you can keep records of all kinds of history related to service companies and suppliers by controlling the service history, spare parts and labor costs with the registered service programs of the vehicles.
  • Kademe Yönetimi
  • Spare Parts Stock Tracking
  • Periodic Maintenance Operations
  • Consumable Tracking
  • Tire Stock Management
  • Tire Coating Tracking
  • Maintenance Cost Tracking
  • Document Tracking
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Reporting

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